Caleb K. Aguillard, attorney

Caleb K. Aguillard, attorney


Caleb is of counsel to the firm. He represents clients in domestic/family law matters of all kinds including divorces, custody, and property settlements. These matters often include litigation. He has extensive experience in contentious, complex, and extremely difficult domestic and family law matters. He also has a general civil practice and assists Kent in bankruptcy and reorganization matters and complex litigation. Caleb is married and has three children.


Caleb K. Aguillard’s career in law began in 1995, when he began clerking for H. Kent Aguillard at his office in Eunice, Louisiana.  In 2003, Mr. Aguillard earned a Bachelor=s of Science in History with an emphasis in Pre-Legal Studies from Mississippi College. In 2006 he went on to earn a Juris Doctorate, as well as a Bachelor=s of Science in Civil Law, from Louisiana State University Law School.

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Caleb K. Aguillard left law school and went directly into the oilfield. He began studying for the Louisiana Bar Exam while working shifts as a Fire & Safety Technician. At the end of each 12-hour hitch, he studied the law before bedding down on the platforms he serviced in the Gulf of Mexico and abroad. He took his first one-week vacation to sit for the bar exam, and then left the oil field to begin a career in family law.


After passing the bar, Mr. Aguillard immediately began handling high-conflict matters and quickly earned a reputation as a battle-tested litigator. Mr. Aguillard takes the time to help his clients to understand the law, the procedure involved in litigation, and to help them make difficult decisions in the challenging atmosphere of family court.


As a Father’s Rights Advocate, Caleb K. Aguillard stands at the front line of defense against those who would use the family court system to attack individuals, instead of promoting the integrity of the family. He stands for the proposition that mothers and fathers are both equally important in the lives of their children, and enthusiastically fights for equality on behalf of his clients, both male and female. Whether you are a mother who needs a strong advocate or a father looking for a voice, Caleb K. Aguillard stands ready to help, however he can.


Caleb Aguillard is admitted to practice in all state courts in Louisiana and in the federal courts in the Western District of Louisiana.